Lock Up Safety

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The safety of our schools and children is a responsibility we all share. Lock Up Safety is an initiative from Code Red Guard, designed to help schools, parents, staff, volunteers and community members come together to support school security. It includes two key components:

  • Sharing important safety and security data with your community, to keep important issues top of mind and generate support to invest in school security.
  • Raising funds to purchase Code Red Guard door locks for your schools.
Fundraising Tipsheet: Tips to help you set up and manage your Lock Up Safety fundraising campaign. 
Tip Sheet
Fact Sheet: Research shows that in four out of five school shootings, at least one other person had knowledge of the attacker’s plan but failed to report it. Empower your community today by distributing “10 Critical Warning Signs of Violence” to help them learn to recognize troubling signs and what to do if they see them
Fact Sheet
Social Media: Use the social media graphics and post wording on your schools social channels to help raise awareness about your campaign and why it is important. 
Social Media Graphics
Social Media Wording
Email Content: Pre-written email content that you can use to reach out to parents as well as other potential donors, sponsors, and supporters. Explains why security is so important and why Code Red Guard is an excellent first line of defense in deterring intruders in your school.
Email Content
You can use these materials as is, please feel free to edit the example email wording and social media post wording to suit your specific needs.