How long does it take a teacher to deploy Code Red Guard in a classroom?

From the time the teacher receives a Code Red alert signifying an intruder to fully deploying the Code Red Guard system and securing the classroom takes 20 seconds or less.

What about installation and training?

The Code Red Guard team installs the system throughout each school at no additional charge. Teachers and staff are fully trained in person by the Code Red Guard after installation.  

Can anyone access the door lock inside the classroom?

No, the door lock is stored in a lockbox that is installed by the door. This keeps kids, pranksters, and any other unauthorized person from accessing the door lock. 

Can Code Red Guard be used in conjunction with other security measures?

Absolutely. Code Red Guard can complement your existing security measures and intruder alert systems. It serves as a reliable physical barrier that is integrated into your school's overall security strategy, offering an extra layer of protection by secur

Are there cost advantages to choosing Code Red Guard?

Yes. Not only is the Code Red Guard access control system affordable as compared to door lock systems that require expensive electronic components, wiring upfront there are no ongoing maintenance costs associated with electronic systems such as software updates, cybersecurity costs, and ongoing subscription or maintenance costs. This can result in significant cost savings on the front end and ongoing for schools all while providing dependable, fail-safe access control for classrooms.  Our door systems are priced in three tiers, which allows for price breaks based on the number of kits ordered. See our Pricing Guide LINK for more information. 

Because we want as many schools as possible to have access to a door security system, every school system that purchases Code Red Guard receives free access to our special Fundraising Kit! This kit give you the tools you need to ask local businesses, parents, grandparents, and other school supports to sponsor a door with a one time donation. The kit includes a press release for local media, social media graphics and post wording, a flier/handout in print and digital formats, and copy to place in your e-newsletter system to send out to parents. 

If there is a fire and students need to evacuate the building, can the device be removed quickly?

Yes. If classroom doors and windows are secured during an intruder event and a fire occurs, the doors can be unlocked within seconds. In fact, the Code Red Guard System is compliant with The National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code®, ; established in 2018, this code allows door-locking devices in schools that help deter intruders while ensuring students are able to evacuate a building quickly in the event of an emergency.  

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