Code Red Guard delivers an affordable, fail-safe door lock and door window protection to block unauthorized intruders, including active shooters, from classrooms.

Our access control system does not use electricity or internet, is easy and quick for educators to use, and has no ongoing costs, maintenance, or software upgrades. The combination of our patented steel door lock and the steel slide for classroom door windows provides a double layer of protection for students and teachers. 

Schools Now Shoulder an Additional Weight

In addition to budget challenges, teacher shortages, and mandates, schools today are forced to shoulder yet another heavy weight: protect staff, educators, and students from intruders, including active shooters.  In the wake of tragedies at Columbine, Parkland, Uvalde and more, schools must now do everything in their power to protect the lives of those who work and learn within their school walls. It is a monumental, yet crucial task.  

The Facts

Here are some sobering facts that point to the urgency and need for greater school security:

  • More than 356,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine.1
  • There have been 386 school shootings since 1999.1
  • Guns are the leading cause of death among children and teens in the U.S. One out of 10 gun deaths are in people age 19 or younger.2

1 Interactive School Shooting Database, The Washington Post. Updated June 2023.
2 A Public Health Crisis Decades in the Making, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, February 2021.

A Way Forward

Where and how should schools begin to address the complex issue of school security—especially when budgets are shrinking, regulations are complex and time-consuming and community members have varying opinions on how best to proceed?

School security must be addressed on multiple fronts. But experts agree that physical deterrents, like secure interior door-locking systems, are a vital component, and an excellent line of defense that helps make students safer. In fact the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, established in 2013, has recommended that all classrooms in K-12 schools should be equipped with locked doors that can be locked from the inside.


Introducing: Code Red Guard

Code Red Guard is an interior door- and door window-locking system that provides robust security for interior school doors and windows. Some of the benefits include:
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Rapid Lockdown

With Code Red Guard, school teachers and staff can secure their classroom and other interior doors in under 20 seconds, providing immediate protection in emergency or active shooter situations.

Reliable When It Matters Most

Code Red Guard doesn't rely on electricity or Wi-Fi/internet connectivity—which means uninterrupted functionality even in the event of power or internet outages.

User-Centered Design

Our patented, innovative slide feature for our door lock and window protector sets us apart, making it easy for teachers and staff to operate effectively and quickly.

Additional Door Window Security

In multiple school shooting incidents, intruders have broken door windows and fired into a classrooms. The Code Red Guard system addressed this issue by including a steel slide to secure the door window in addition to securing the door itself, making future attempts like this virtually impossible.

Affordable Pricing

Starting at $599.00 per door kit, Code Red Guard offers a cost-effective security solution. Learn more about pricing here or schedule a site visit for a free assessment and estimate based on your number of doors.  If budget is an issue, every school system that purchases Code Red Guard receives free access to Lock Up Safety, our fundraising kit, full of easy to use tools to offer local businesses, parents, grandparents, and other supporters the opportunity to sponsor a doors. 

No Hidden or On-Going Costs

No subscription needed and no ongoing expenses for upgrades, maintenance, or software updates. 

Start a Lock Up Safety Campaign at Your School

Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of children while they are at school. But getting the funds needed to implement important safety measures like Code Red Guard can take time—and school budget approvals are not always guaranteed.

Take charge today by starting a Lock Up Safety campaign to raise funds for Code Red Guard in your school system. To help you, we’ve assembled a Lock Up Safety toolkit with resources to help, and give you a head start. 

In the toolkit, you’ll find pre-written email content you can customize and send to parents, donors and supporters; social media graphics; tips and fact sheets; a contact/fundraising tracking sheet and more.


Other Ways to Fund Your System

Did you know there are grants available to help you fund your Code Red Guard door lock system? 

It’s another option parents, schools, volunteers and concerned community members can utilize, to increase safety into your school as soon as possible—versus waiting and hoping school budget resources will be available in the future.

  • Start Here: Visit and check out their Grant Finder Tool and Quiz. You can use it to find available school safety-specific grants that are most relevant to you.
  • Need a Grant Writer?  Interested in grants, but don’t have time to research them or write a proposal yourself? Ask about connecting with our grant writing partner.

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The Code Red Guard system is a robust, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective way to provide a secure safety barrier on classroom doors. 
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